𝌟 endeavour

5 November 2014

A cheeky present from a cheeky friend, to welcome me to Australian citizenship. She gave me this, and some large, not-quite-ripe mangoes.
vegemite & mango
I don’t think she meant for me to eat them together, but that is what I did. Vegemite (a.k.a. The Black Death, see below) reminds me of Asian fermented shrimp paste, and one of the joys of mango season is to munch on chunks of acidic green mango dipped in salty, smelly bagoong alamang. Indonesians have the same with blachang and chopped bird’s eye chillies. Sour, unripe fruit + salt + something rotten is a “thing” in Southeast Asia. Mmm mm…makes my mouth water.

The Vegemite + mangoes combination was okay (I had to add a sprinkle of salt), but ultimately not the same. Not because I found it disgusting or smelly, but that it wasn’t disgusting or smelly enough. Heh heh.  So farewell, Vegemite…we gave it our best shot, but it just didn’t work out in the end.

Still, I tried to love you, in my own way.


3 thoughts on “𝌟 endeavour

    1. LOL Heavens, wasn’t trying to convince anybody of the combination…it takes a lifetime of cultural conditioning to acquire a taste like that. But I’ll take vegemite over lamb, I’ll say that much. Lamb stinks. And that’s from someone who’s also had python, monitor lizard, and dog, (though I didn’t think they were fabulous, either…)


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