𝍃 deception

9 November 2014

9 November 2014

𝍃 deception

An unintentional trompe l’oeil. These were painted onto scraps of artist’s canvas and cut out…to be machine appliquéd onto a journal cover, commissioned by a lovable (and intimidating) Finnish lady who only buys my originals, insists on paying more than I ask, and tells me—in a way that is both endearing and devastating—that reproductions are rubbish. A discriminating patron of the arts.

People like her keep me on my toes and sound the alarm when my standards start to droop. Still, there aren’t enough people like her, and I need every dollar I can scrounge these days…

I like that reproductions make art accessible to more people—like me! I can’t afford to keep my own work so I buy prints for myself!—for a more affordable price. It’s nice to have both kinds of customer, a healthy balance.


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