Taro in Ingrid’s garden

16 November 2014
Done during breakfast at the trestle table in the mermaid’s garden.

Sunlight, falling in patches through the high palm leaves, sparkled on the surfaces of half a dozen small ponds filled with small fish, tadpoles, and waterlilies. Doves and tiny double-barred finches followed Ingrid around, fluttering down to the paving stones as she scattered bird seed in her wake.

I focussed on one large potted taro sitting in front of me: too woozy from last night’s bon voyage party to tackle the whole garden, which is a fabulous jungle of waterplants, potted herbs, flowering creepers, vines, palms, and quirky garden sculptures made by the mermaid, herself.

I’m going to miss this beautiful woman so terribly much.

The mermaid, in her younger days,  with teddybear


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