an art kit for traveling

20 November 2014-2Yesterday was something crazy. Back and forth between land and the boat several times, last minute meetings with friends, doing the laundry, taking the bicycle apart and carrying it to the boat, then separating the laundry into items to leave behind, items to take with me. Stuffing everything into the suitcases, rushing ashore to hand the dinghy, along with a zillion last minute instructions, over to a friend who will look after and hopefully enjoy the use of our houseboat for a few years…

There was barely time to sit down with my luggage when Sue arrived to whisk me off to her lovely home, just 5 minutes away from the airport.

That was yesterday, and here I am, now, a little more relaxed because I have handed the boat, for better or for worse, over to someone else. I have a day away from my old life, to take stock, to pack more sensibly, to mentally prepare for the changes ahead. I’m sitting on Sue’s verandah, next to the ultramarine pool, in a lovely breeze and the shade of palm trees, looking out over an empty golf course. Deep sigh of weariness and relief.

I sat at this outdoor table all morning, and sketched the contents of my little watercolor pouch. This is what I will carry with me onto the plane tomorrow at dawn. There will probably be some fine-tuning of the contents to do, later…I will have to paint a bit more before I know what I need and don’t need. And I would like to wean myself off white gouache.

But for the time being, this works for me. My especial loves are the Pentel Aquash brush (an endless supply of clean water issues from this brush…it’s wonderful) and, of course, the Schmincke Horadam watercolour box that my Mermaid Boss gave me for Christmas last year (the basic 12 colours have been ‘edited’…I have removed black, phthalo blue…only because it was ‘off’, and I will probably remove lemon yellow. I have added half-pans of Payne’s Grey, Naples Yellow, cobalt blue and turquoise, mountain blue, cadmium yellow mid, magenta and violet…colours that I use more)
20 November 2014-3


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