distracted in Duxton Road

22 November 2014In Singapore I came across an amazing art store in the Bras Basah building, called Art Friend…a very busy, crowded, old-fashioned Chinese shop with narrow, cluttered aisles between shelves crammed with art materials. A dangerous place for someone carrying her traveling money, and whose luggage already exceeds the airline’s 40kg. limit.

Picked up some Schmincke Horadam browns (boring but essential), and a Pentel brush pen loaded with waterproof black ink…new favorite drawing tool (kicking myself for not buying half a dozen).

In Duxton Road I learned that talking to someone while sketching can help keep the sketch loose and playful…the mind distracted by things other than obsessing over realistic details.


4 thoughts on “distracted in Duxton Road

    1. You’re so lucky to have such a complete supplier of art materials! We don’t even have a place like that in Darwin, Australia (true, we are a much smaller town, and demand dictates supply). I am such a shy beginner at sketching in public, Jared, that I’m afraid I only did one sketch! Don’t like calling attention to myself. But I would love a chance to visit SG again, and maybe join the USK group on a sketchwalk.


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