Exploring the local supermarket

Chakalaka & peaches
We’ve been enjoying some of the local food, exploring the canned and dry foods in particular, in the hopes of finding something exciting, different, and tasty, for the passage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Chakalaka is like a vegetarian chilli made up of colourful bell peppers, some onions, spices, and salt. We buy the Extra Hot version, meaning there’s plenty of habañero (or similarly hot) chillies in the mix. I like that it hasn’t got heaps of sugar, and it isn’t vinegary, either, so it’s fine in stews, curries, and pretty much anything you want to add some colour and capsicum flavours to.

And I have been gorging on the stone fruit since I arrived in South Africa…they’re large, sweet, and wonderfully ripe. A far cry from the woody, pasty, bland apricots, nectarines, or peaches that I used to get at Woolworth’s in Darwin. Saldanha’s fruits are grown nearby. I could live on peaches and nectarines, I think.


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