House at the foot of Hoedjieskop

House in Saldanha
The funny architecture in Saldanha…part Mediterranean, part Dutch, part urban housing development. Windows are small, probably because it’s a cold and windy place, and timber is a rare buidling material because, well, you don’t see many trees around here.

Hoedjieskop is the name of the bare hill I drew the other day…it’s a cultural heritage site. There’s a lookout at the top, and I’ll get around to climbing it one of these days. We can’t get our visas for Brazil until the 29th, and we’ve done nearly all our shopping for the passage, fixed everything that could be fixed on the boat. Nothing left to do but wait, and explore Saldanha a bit more. Kris has assembled his bicycle, which means he’ll be gone for hours at a time, and I’ll trudge around on foot in his absence.


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