19 December 2014

Still loading the boat up with stores as we find them. Kris mainly looks for “goodies” and “sweets” to lift his spirits during the long nights at the tiller. My focus has been on Low GI carbohydrates…not quite as easy to find in this country, that loves its sugary snacks, deep fried food, fatty slabs of beef or mutton, and heavily processed grains (like the staple food, pap).

When we do find one of ‘my’ grains, we buy 10 kilos of the stuff (for the passage, but just in case it proves difficult to source in Brazil, as well). Like this coarse brown bulgur from Turkey, made from durum wheat (Triticum durum), a hard winter wheat that is also used to make pasta and atta flour for chapattis.

Tabbouleh is just one of the ways to prepare bulgur; it also makes a great pilaf, can be added to soups and salads, added to bread dough before baking, or eaten in place of rice.


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