The Galley

27 December 2014An intimate view of our boat’s interior. Stepping into Kehaar is like stepping back in time…this is not a modern boat! Kris is a traditionalist—he sails without engine, radio, EPIRB, GPS—and the sort of person who puts things together, himself, from scavenged materials.

All the wood to fit out the inside of the boat came from a hundred-year-old Tasmanian church. Kris bought the building for a song, under the condition that he would pull it apart and get it off site, to make way for new construction. The beautiful, worn and time-dark planks and beams date back to a time when all the best woods in Tasmania were plentiful and cheap.

Over time Kris carved some understated ornamentation into every visible plank; leafy scrolls, geometric patterns, and the fine tracery of Islamic benedictions peek out at you from the shadows.

Yesterday I sketched the galley…that is, the cooking corner of the boat. It’s a small space, with a gimbaled (swinging) stove, and shelves tightly packed so that nothing slides or moves around when the boat rolls up and down the waves. It’s very basic, but I manage to cook most things with the set-up…


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