March 1

1 March 2015
We didn’t go far…just along the Jacaré beach, our boat within sight. To the park at the far end, past a very busy touristy stretch of restaurants, bars, folk art stalls and overpriced knickknack shops…

1 March 2015-2
Kris wandered around the park for a bit, tried to sketch palm trees and little shops fronts, but nothing really turned him on and he was starting to get antsy. So we walked along the beach, back toward the marina. He spotted this fishing boat, and if there’s one thing Kris loves, it’s sketching local boats.
At first I was just going to sit and wait for him, but reminded myself that the trick is not to look for “inspiring” stuff to sketch, but to sketch what is in front of you, and discover the beauty in whatever it is.
Glad I did, I like this sketch better of the two I did that day. Just goes to show.


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