March 2 | Cabedelo

2 March 2015-2In Cabedelo town, walking around and sitting on street corners, sketching odds and ends while Kris was in the post office for nearly an hour. I didn’t dare wander far, in case he came out and we lost each other. Details of baroque buildings, and the small houses with tiled roofs that dominate the vernacular architecture.

2 March 2015

Public phone booths in Brazil are great…like a pair of overturned children’s play tubs, these big plastic shells provide shade, some privacy, and block out the noise of the surrounding city while you’re making your call. The phones are at the same height—no, they don’t have one for short people, one for taller people, it’s just a quirk of my drawing.

2 March 2015-3

And then we found ourselves at the Fortaleza Santa Catarina, so we went in. Medieval stone fort, mostly bunkers and gunpowder bunkers, but the officers’ meeting room had a nice colonnade…I rushed this drawing, as the only spot from which to draw it was in the blazing sun, and it was approaching high noon.


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