4 March | Fortaleza de Santa Catarina

4 March 2015-2

Back to the Fort of Santa Catarina, to attempt a more ambitious drawing of the colonnade. Busloads of Brazilian tourists swarmed past me, as I was standing squarely on the path to this building.

I used to imagine that people onlooking or moving around me would paralyse me with self-consciousness, but now that I have actually tried it, I realise that I scarcely notice the people around me.

And it feels so good, to be firmly lost in the depths of what I’m drawing, and honestly not caring about anything else going on. A rare focus, a clarity of intent, a core of stillness and peace. A “zen ditch”, as my friend Kat calls it.

4 March 2015

It looked like rain, so we knocked off early, took the train home, and I sketched this house on Jacaré beach while waiting for Kris to get back with some salad things for lunch (we have tabbouleh a lot, these days!)


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