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  1. Can’t wait to hear about your travels. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone in such a brave way–I really admire you–Best of Luck!!


    1. It also helps to set expectations (at least for me). It gives me something to check over and make sure I’m doing what I intended. They are very adjustable, but it just help me focus and prioritize. In this post, I did it for time with my daughter and I reference an earlier post where I wrote out my expectations for my vacation earlier this summer. Once again, I offer it as a thought that might help you out.


      BTW – I like your “about me” page. I feel I got to know you better and who you are. Thanks for taking time to rewrite!



      1. Thanks for both links, Nancy…although I myself dislike the word “expectations”, I see what you mean, and I do the same thing though I will call them guidelines, because I personally feel that “expectations” hang on one end of the Expectation/Disappointment cycle. One of our favorite mottoes is “Expect nothing, only Hope.”

        My guidelines are to sketch on location, to spend all time on the boat working on projects, to find the local artists in each place and learn/teach if I can, and to have a major exhibition at the end of the five years, a kind of wunderkammer of the experience. It will be stimulating, and eye/heart/soul opening, and life-changing, I suspect. I hope. 🙂


      1. I only read a handful, now…I was starting to shrivel up with cool people envy, and feel like “Why bother doing anything, it’s all been done, and better?” LOL But I get lonely for the internet, so I wrote blog posts. 😉


  2. I think that’s a great starting point for a new adventure and it frames up in a way that keeps you open and enthused about new experiences!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the links. I’m always hesitant to leave them, but overall people have liked it when I share my own life back with them.


  3. So excited to be able to follow along on your artistic as well as physical journey. The travel “travails” seem the most scary part of your adventure to me (as a person at home with order and knowing,) but as you said, taking along your creativity, the very essence of who you are, is to take the calm knowing and centering of your life, and always have it there to help order and ground each day.


  4. I actually got goose bumps as I read this…I think I am as excited as you are…I can’t wait to dig in and start reading…I’m not sure how far into your journey you are at this point, but if you could be so kind, could you point me to the beginning…I can’t wait to read it from the beginning… 🙂

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