sketchbooks 2016

Really, I keep about half a dozen books of varying sizes and paper types. The contents range from observational sketches, to imaginary stuff, patterns, studies, and pages inspired by emotions or ideas.

With the exception of travel-themed sketches (which I keep as separate projects, named for each country) I’m just going to throw everything that I make this 2016 into one post, which will be updated throughout the year.

Thanks for taking a look!

9 June
watercolors, mapping pen
Shower in a thunderstorm. Acrylics on paper.
To travel...
Other countries. Acrylics on sailing charts.
Rio Dulce
The Rio Dulce. Acrylics on sailing charts.
acrylic paint on sailing charts
Acrylic paint on sailing charts
from the bird book
feather studies (yellow) Watercolors and a mapping pen
from the bird book
feather studies (pink) watercolors and mapping pen on watercolor paper
friendship bracelets
Bracelets by the Wayuu. Acrylic and gouache on blue-black paper.



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